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Hohlen, John
Mar 07 9:25 PM EST
Post #9
Hey Tom. Yes, of course!
Shirts, Tom
Mar 07 1:43 PM EST
Post #8
Since we have heard recent news that players associated with LIV will be able to play in many of the Majors this year... are we going to be able to pick those players?
Hohlen, John
Feb 09 1:16 AM EST
Post #7
Otherwise, you should be able to enter your starting and sub for next week's tournament as soon as the 4th round starts on Sunday for the current tournament.
Hohlen, John
Feb 09 1:09 AM EST
Post #6
J - You can use the All Tournaments link under the tabs on the Lineup page to enter your starting pick(s) for future tournaments. You can't enter an ALT pick for future tournaments because that get overly complicated. But you can add your ALT pick later once the tournament becomes the active tournament. But it's a great to layout your picks for future tournaments.
Denegree, J
Feb 08 6:44 PM EST
Post #5
Hey guys I have a question I’m new to all this how early can we pick out players for the next week ?
Sales, Wayne
Jul 14 10:42 PM EDT
Post #4
Hey Jon, Just wondering if Jessica beats you in real golf as well???? lol Wayne Sales
Hohlen, John
Mar 13 8:59 PM EDT
Post #3
Yes, of course, Don. As per the no show email you should have received and as per the rules.
Wilcox, Don
Mar 13 7:52 PM EDT
Post #2
I selected B Harmon last week and he no showed and my backup wasn't playing the tournament so neither player started. Can I play them still play them in the future
Dewolfe, Jon
Dec 09 10:28 AM EST
Post #1
Welcome everyone to Unmarked Hazard 2016 If you have any questions please call or text 208.409.2424 or email at jmdewolfe@gmail.com