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This private league. Entry fee is $80. $75 of the cash goes to the prize pool, with $5 going to the use of the site (per owner). Due date of Feb 6th. Users who haven't paid or made arrangement with commissioner will have picks locked until payment is submitted

Payouts will be based on number of entries.

- Our normal payout is around 20% of league standings, along with 4 segment winners and a Majors winner. Please refer to the prizes tab for a reminder of last years payout structure.

- We will have 4 segments which the top money earner in the league during that segment will win $150. It will be the first 9 tourney's, the second10, the next 10, and the final 8. It will help give users a chance to win money back even if they are near the bottom of the yearly total. We will also have the Bestball competition for partners to combine their skills to win extra cash. Best ball is an addition $50 per user and must have a team member. This is separate from normal standings and it completely optional

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League Commissioner: Jon Dewolfe